"Can I actually earn more money working as a teacher in China than back home?"
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Hello, It depends on your salary back home- However generally speaking an average take home of 24,000GBP in the UK vs an average salary of 10,000RMB per month for a first time teacher in China will work out like this:- Uk expenses (Monthly, 2,000GBP /month): Tax + NI: -£400 Accommodation: -£400  Living (food, car): -£600 Recreation: -£300 Other (insurances/other costs): -£200 > Final monthly savings:  £100.00   China expenses (Monthly, 10,000RMB /month): Tax + NI: -310RMB
Accommodation: -2000RMB  Living (food, car/transport): -1000RMB
Recreation: -1000RMB (going out 5/6 times /month)
Other (insurances/other costs): -100RMB
> Final monthly savings:  5590RMB /Month - About £550.00 saving monthly   In the example above you can see you'll certainly save more money monthly than on a fairly decent job in the UK. Generally speaking you'll be able to live very well at a tenth of the cost of living in the UK.        
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