"Hi.! I am a Filipino, and am currently working here in Hong Kong as a domestic helper but focuses in child minding for a. 6 year old American kid. I wonder if I am qualified to apply as a teacher? I don’t have experience in teaching to any kindergarten school but I am responsible for helping the children to do their homework. I also have experienced dealing children who are from UK for two years and I am a graduate from the university and finished 18 units of English subjects. "
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Thank you for your question. It's not easy for a Filipino to find an ESL job in mainland China, because the Chinese government requires schools help their foreign teacher with the working permit and visa, and the schools require foreign teachers mainly from America, Canada, England, Northern Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition foreign teachers need to have a bachelor degree, TEFL certificate and at least 2 years teaching experience, so that the schools can help you to apply for the working visa.
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