Flash Card Gladiator

Bring it on children! It's time for Flash Card Gladiator!!


In this thrilling game (Both for teachers and children) you'll need you usual flash card pack of 5x cards and 2 fierce volunteers  from the class.

As you introduce the game, it's best to get your voice into Gladiator commentary mode and introduce the game with your best deep gladiator commentary voice.


Start by placing the cards around the room in no particular order. As your placing the cards down you should announce the evil monster "Kiwi Fruit monster" for example if you have a Kiwi fruit card and ask the children to repeat "Kiwi Fruit Monster" as loud as possible as you place the card down on the floor/chair. For each card make a suitable name, e.g. Apple Monster for the Apple card and so on.


Return to the center of the classroom and request your "Fiercest volunteers to battle for victory" and ask the children "Who wants to try" (to get them to raise their hand), once they get used to your Gladiator voice you can simply ask for the "Fiercest volunteers" or "The bravest warriors" whichever you prefer (Or make your own) and the children will know it's time to volunteer after a few times of saying "Who wants to try" after requesting "Fiercest volunteers".


As your fierce warriors enter the gladiator battle ground (The front of the class) You can introduce each warrior by their name "And Here we have Warrior Frank and his mean muscles" (You can show him the action of showing your muscles so Frank properly gets into the role) As Frank is introduced raise his hand for him in true battle spirit. Do the same for the other competitor.


Next you will ask each student if they are ready to battle. And then shout the "Kiwi Monster" and you can run toward that card to help them the first time. The students then bring the card back to you and win the fight. Keep the winner on until he/she is defeated. Your children will enjoy this game probably more than any other!

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