Survive the crocodile pool

In this game you’ll need 5 students to participate. Draw a crocodile on a sheet of paper and prepare several flash cards with 8 sentences written on them. Number each student and arrange them in a circle.

1. Start by placing the “crocodile” in the middle of the circle. As you are placing the “crocodile”, you should inform the children that they are currently situated in a pool with a crocodile and it will eat them anytime. The only way to escape is to cast a magic spell by reading the sentence correctly.

2. Randomly request one of the students in the circle to read the provided sentences. If the student reads correctly, they survive the crocodile attack and leave the circle. Otherwise, they stay in the pool. When they read the sentences correctly, congratulate them and say “Well done you've survived the crocodile attack!”

3. For the rest of the students, each one has a chance to try to read the sentences. If they fail, they will be bitten by the “crocodile” and die, as well as not allowed to attend the next round.


4. Keep playing the game until the final winner is chosen. You can make the action of a crocodile dying to emphasize victory!

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