Ten questions

In this game you’ll need one student to set the word to be guessed. The word could be any object such as an animal, a fruit, a vehicle or a food (not beyond the words they’ve learnt). Do not do this game with class sizes greater than 20x students.

1. Start by dividing the whole class into two groups and request each group to send a representative to set the word.

2. Each group can ask the representative from the other group 10 questions. For instance, “is it a plant?”, “can I eat this?”, “is it green?” etc. Remember that the students can only ask general questions, and the representatives cannot answer anything beyond “yes” or “no”.


3. If the students are not able to guess the right word after asking ten questions, then the group fails and loses one point. The first group that loses 5 points in total will lose the game.

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