Whisper the message

In this game you’ll need the entire class to participate. Prepare several sentences you want the students to practice and write them on different papers.

1. Start by dividing the students into 2 lines or circles where they are not to far away from each other and display a randomly chosen paper to the one of the students (Or the last student if they are situated in a line)

2. The last student in the line whispers the sentence he/she sees on the paper to the next student. The student then whispers the message he/she hears to the next one. After the first student in the line hears the message, he/she runs to the blackboard and writes the sentence he/she thinks it is the correct one.


3. The first team to correctly write the sentence on the board wins. You can keep playing this game for 20-30minutes depending on how the students take to it.

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