I am a monster

In this game students play as the peasants, while teacher plays as the monster. Prepare several flash cards with different words about locations.

1. Start by dividing the students into two rows. The distance between the rows should be as far as possible.

2. The teacher stands in between the rows and acts like a monster. The teacher can play whatever monster to entertain the children. Then shout out: “I-AM-A-MONSTER!!!”

3. The teacher randomly chooses one student from one row and displays the flash card to him/her. If the flash card has a photo of a park on it, the student should ask: “Can I go to the park?” The verb can be anything reasonable under the situation such as run, fly, jump and rush etc. The teacher can answer either “No, you can’t!” or “Yes, you can.” If the answer is the former, the student has to ask again. Conversely, when the answer is “Yes, you can.”, the student should run as fast as possible to reach the other row to avoid being caught by the teacher. If the student gets caught, he/she also becomes a monster and is able to catch others.


4. The teacher then chooses one student from the other row. Play the game until only two students left. Then the teacher can announce the survivors to be the winners.

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