Throw the bomb

In this game approximately 5 to 10 students can join. Prepare a small sand bag or a ball.

1. Start by arranging the students in a circle. The distance between each student should as far as possible.

2. The teacher stands in the middle of the circle and holds the ball/bag which would be the bomb in this game. Then the teacher randomly shouts out a topic such as colour, sport, place, food etc. and throws the bag/ball to one of the students in the circle.

3. The student has to catch the bomb and answer one word matching the topic in ten seconds (or longer depending on the level of the students). If the answer is correct, he/she can throw the “bomb” to the other student. Failing to say the right word in time or catching the “bomb” will lead to lose the game (or not allow the students to say the same word that has been used before if the students are good enough).


4. Play the name until only one student is left. The student is claimed to be the winner.

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