Drama Teachers are needed in Beijing, China   Job Id:116831

Job Description:

We require an enthusiastic, dynamic and highly motivated teacher who will be able to contribute positively to the work of the Drama teaching.

Preferred but not essential

  • Diploma in Trinity College Performing Arts or
  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Fine Arts / Theatre / Performance
  • In addition to Required
    Qualifications and Work Experiences

  • Minimum Bachelor's Degree
  • 120 Hours TESOL or TEFL
  • Non-criminal Record
  • Medical check
  • Reference letter
  • Working Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Email systems and Skype.
  • Compensation:

    Working Hours: 40 hours per week, include 20 teaching hours.
    Monthly salary:RMB12000-18000

    Probation:3 Months

    Housing allowance:RMB2000/month
    Airfare :Airfare reimbursement up to RMB5000 by the end of contract(Reimbursement can only be applied for 1month in advance from last day of finishing each year contract period)
    Medical Allowance+
    Sign on bonus +
    End of contract bonus +
    Semester performance bonus +

    Year-end bonus:We offer end contract bonus of RMB5000

    Meal allowance:No


    Insurance:Commercial insurance

    Paid national Chinese holidays:11Days

    Summer paid vacation:No

    Winter paid vacation:No

    But teachers can take the annual leave during the winter camp or summer camp


    Per-job training:Yes

    Provid teaching curriculum:Yes

    Student's age:4-18yeas old

    Student per class:Maximum 15 students

    Office hours:15-20hours per week

    Teaching hours:20hours per week

    Company Profile

    - Gives kids the confidence to grow

    Dreamaker was co-founded in September, 2010 by Zhang Silu, an entrepreneur, Feng Xiaogang, a famous director and producer, Ying Tong, a film director, and other investors. The founders believe that drama is more than an art, but the most efficient and popular education approach for children in developed countries. Drama is able to stimulate children's interest and passion towards study and improve their imagination, creativity, language as well as body expression, which enables them to grow up with confidence.

    Unique Drama Classes

    Helen O'Grady, the headquarters of Dreamaker, is responsible for providing the drama class curriculum and qualified personnel aimed at educating different ages of kids:

    1. For younger age students, we offer interesting training to help them discover their nature, express themselves and improve English communication ability. Through the training, they are capable of expressing themselves and gaining social skills with the combination of native English, body language and facial expression. Moreover, the confidence they gain will benefit them for a life-time.

    2. The classes for teenagers shine a light upon drama art elements. We provide our teenagers with professional training such as improvisation, speech, short plays, character analysis, drama games, open ended dialogues, radio drama, independent short film, and much more.

    Helen O'Grady Children's Drama Academy

    Founded in Australia in 1979, Helen O'Grady Children's Educational Drama Academy is the biggest educational institution of children's drama all over the world such as UK, US, Canada, Japan, Singapore and so on, and Dreamaker is the only branch of Helen O'Grady in China. More than 6,000,000 children have attended Helen O'Grady classes in 32 countries. In September 2003, Trinity College, London, one of the largest and best known institutions of its kind in the world, recognized Helen's unique achievements by conferring on her an honorary Fellowship (F.T.C.L.) the highest academic qualification awarded by the College.

    Cheering on the Magical Moments of the Children!

    Our Year End Productions are all about creating "magic" moments for our students. Involvement in such events creates special memories for each student. They also create wonderful team spirit wherein our students, along with the Principal, teacher and parents, work together to achieve a result that delights and rewards them all!


    Please send in your cover letter and C.V. to A382@directapply.findworkabroad.com. You should indicate your skype address for interview on your cover letter. If you are in Beijing, we will schedule an appointment and invite you to visit us at our Head Office in WangJing. Please direct all enquiries about the job to the email id or call +8610 18511944912 (Beijing China).

    Job Id: 116831
    Type: full time
    Students: See job description teaching
    Salary: 14000 - 18000CNY per month
    Location: Beijing, Beijing
    Hours: See job description
    Positions: 5
    Post date: 15/06/2017 19:00PM
    Accommodation: See job description

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    Telephone: +86(0)20-37303381
    Skype: findworkabroad3

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    Company information:
    Name: Dreamaker
    Website: http://antianfan.com/r/ccb70

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