15-22k RMB/Month Public High School, University, Tranining Center English Teachers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuxi, Yiyang   Job Id:117347

Job Description:
Shanghai Pudong, High school Position: 1 Full-time English teachers (ESL) , 1 Full-time Social Studies Teachers (World History & American History) , 1 Full-time Science Teacher, 1 full-time Art Teacher,1 full-time English Literature Teacher
- International Division

The ideal candidates will have experience working with young men and women, and be well prepared in his or her field. We prefer candidates to have teaching license, and/or international experience. Experience in teaching non-native English speakers is highly valued.

The ideal candidate shall understand Chinese culture, be willing to learn China's political, economic system, be willing to follow China's educational regulations and basic education principles.

Job Requirements:o Native English speaker with bachelor degree or higher.o At least two years teaching experience in English environment.o Teaching experience (middle or high school student level preferred).o or Teaching qualification such as TEFL/TESOL certificate.o Standard pronunciation and good at motivating students' interest in learning.o Possesses good oral and written communication skills.o Works cooperatively with a teaching team.o Must be adventurous, open-minded, culturally sensitive, flexible, knowledgeable.o Criminal Background Record Check required.o Accept other related professional and school duties as determined by school.

Job Conditions:o Yearly salary package from 150,000 RMB
- 220,000 RMB(before taxation). o will provide housing allowance and meal allowance.o will pay 100% coverage of health insurance.o will provide reimbursement of international airfare up to 10,000 RMB per academic year.o Approximately one-month vacation in mid-winter and 6-7 weeks in the summer. application e-mail: A564@directapply.findworkabroad.com

PYP English teacher wanted in Chengdu, March and Aug 2018 start, salary 22000RMB permonth before tax+free appartment, Mon to Fri, PYP experienced native English speaker meet working visa quirements wanted . Apply : A564@directapply.findworkabroad.com,Additional 4000RMB, contract completion bonus 8000RMB airfare subsidies, 5 training hours, teaching time:32.5 a week

university English teacher wanted in Beijing . Salaries for different degree holders: Bachelor degree: 3000 basic salary + 5760(12 course hours/week
*120yuan/course hour
*4weeks)+ 1000(bonus)+240(utilities)=10000 rmbDouble Bachelor degrees 3000 basic salary + 6240(12 course hours/week
*130yuan/course hour
*4weeks)+ 1000(bonus)+240(utilities)=10480 rmbMaster degree: 3000 basic salary + 6720 (12 course hours/week
*140 yuan/course hour
*4weeks)+ 1000(bonus)+240(utilities)=10960 rmbDouble Master degrees: 3000 basic salary + 7200 (12 course hours/week
*150 yuan/course hour
*4weeks)+ 1000(bonus)+240(utilities)=11440 rmbDoctor degree: 3000 basic salary + 7680 (12 course hours/week
*160 yuan/course hour
*4weeks)+ 1000(bonus)+240(utilities)=11920 rmb

Holidays:The basic salary

Boarding: Free on-campus two-bedroom apartment with furniture, electrical appliances, etc.Trip& Medical insuranceA return air ticket once a year, about 10000 rmb.Medical insurance is provided.please send your resume, photo, or video intrro for application e-mail:A564@directapply.findworkabroad.com

Math teacher wanted for American high school in wuxi city, henanxinxiang salary is 15-20K or more after tax, which covers rent. Start asap, 20 teaching hours per week, paid winter and summer vocation+ free insurance+ international flight allowance, require native English speakrs meet working visa process, please contact us with your resume and profile by e-mail: A564@directapply.findworkabroad.com , skype: amci77 wechat: 13791985128

GuangZhou Haizhou district, training school, 2 day offer per week, need native English speakers. Salaries start at 12000 RMB per month commensurate with experience and qualificationMonthly housing allowance2500RMB Other performance bonuses up to 1500RMB Contract completion bonus 14000RMB for airfare reimbursement and bonusesTwo weeks hotel accommodation provided upon arrival inChina Robust training programInterpreter services, daily life assistanceMedical Insurance, Sick Leave, Paid Holidays Native English speakers only, send your resume, video intro to A564@directapply.findworkabroad.com for application, thanks

14K-16k,high school English teacher wanted in hubei yichang city,asap! Monday to Friday 20 teaching hours, free apartment, plus other general benefits. one year contract, renewable.native English.Speakers who meet working visa requirements ONLY pls contact us with your resume, video introduction, passport, degree, certs, Email is A564@directapply.findworkabroad.com

Job Id: 117347
Type: full time
Students: See job description teaching
Salary: 15000 - 22000CNY per month
Location: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuxi, Yiyang, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuxi, Yiyang
Hours: See job description
Positions: 5
Post date: 10/11/2017 02:00AM
Accommodation: See job description

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