16-23k RMB/Month Recruiting English TeachersĀ for Training Center in Beijing and Shanghai   Job Id:117447

Job Description:
Job Description

Working time: 5 working days per week with two days off, from 2:00PM to 8:30PM. And weekends from 9:00AM to 6:00PM. 15 office hours+25 teaching hours per week (flexible).

Students Age: 2-12 years old.

Class size: 10-15 kids each class.

Duration of each class: 40-45 min/class.


- Monthly income: Depending on your qualification, you can earn 16,000~ 23,000RMB per month(approximately $2,300~$3,300), the income includes base salary, teaching hour income and housing allowance

-Health Insurance which will cover hospital fee for up to 70-90%

- Up to 10,000 RMB airfare reimbursement

- 10,000RMB Annual completion bonus

- 5,000RMB Interest-Free Setup Loan

- Teaching hours bonus in addition to the monthly salary

- Multiple career development opportunities

- Vacations in Winter

- 15 days free accommodation

- One week paid training

- Free TEFL course

- Free Chinese lessons

- On-going training

- Start up assistance

- Better bonus if you stay for more than one year

Contact Information

Email and Skype: A660@directapply.findworkabroad.com

WeChat: qingqingxiuyue

Mobile: +861593331336

Job Id: 117447
Type: full time
Students: See job description teaching
Salary: 16000 - 23000CNY per month
Location: Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing, Shanghai
Hours: See job description
Positions: 5
Post date: 27/11/2017 20:00PM
Accommodation: See job description

Application procedure:

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Job with Find Work Abroad
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