Passionate English Teachers needed in China, Sal up to USD 2200   Job Id:117980

Job Description:
Guide and Bridge specializes in ESL recruitment globally. Currently we have some ESL teaching positions in China. If You are a Native English Speaker and Passport holder of UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia / native speaker from other countries. 

Please have the following sent to us as soon as possible

1. updated CV in Word, include information such as Nationality,Date of Birth, Expected date of Joining, Are you ok with a 12 Months contract, are you ok with teaching kids from 5 months to 12 years old?

2. TEFL and Degree Certificates ( If you have, please attach)

3. Make a three minute video ( On, if you prefer that way and send the link) answering the following questions

a. Introduce yourself

b. What skills of an individual makes a great teacher?

c. Why do you like Teaching?

d. Why do you want to teach in China?

e. Anything else you want to add such as hobbies, your past teaching experience, what makes you become a teacher? (please do not talk about your contact information or email in the video)

4. You Picture ( one covering your full body and one covering your face)

5. Please let us know which portal directed you to us

Job Id: 117980
Type: Full time
Students: Primary School teaching
Salary: 14000 - 17000RMB per month
Location: Beijing, Beijing
Hours: fourty
Positions: 5
Post date: 14/02/2018 09:17AM
Accommodation: Free

Application procedure:

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Telephone: 00918248631132

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Company information:
Name: Guide & Bridge
Address: 15, 10th Main Road Velachery, Chenai 42, Tamilnadu, India

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