18K-20K, primary English teacher in Shenzhen, 30hours a week, free TEFL certificate.   Job Id:118012

Job Description:
We are looking for:3 full-time Native English speakers with teaching experience.We work a 30-hour week+ 2 full days off. You will work in primary school, kids aged 6-12 years old.Your teaching role is helping students refine their oral English skill and basic reading ability.
We offer you:18K-20K after tax no apartment or 15K with apartment and mealsChinese working visaFree TEFL certificate

Job Id: 118012
Type: Full time
Students: See job description teaching
Salary: 18000 - 20000CNY per month
Location: Shenzhen, Shenzhen
Hours: See job description
Positions: 5
Post date: 21/02/2018 13:00PM
Accommodation: See job description

Application procedure:

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Website: http://antianfan.com/r/4f1bbe

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