Up to 30k RMB per Month, Teach English in Beijing New Talent Academy with 45 Foreign Teachers   Job Id:118054

Job Description:

Who We Are

Beijing New Talent Academy is a private boarding school with A-level and AP curriculums. It is a K to 12 educational system including Kindergarten, Dragon Bay Kindergarten(off campus), Primary School, Cambridge Center (Middle and High School), AP Center(Middle and High School), Chinese Center and Art & PE Center. There are about 2500 students whose ages are from 2 to 18, 100 of whom are foreign students, and about 700 teachers and staff, 45 of whom are foreign teachers.

Nearby Environment

Global food and drinks, children amusement, leisure, fashion, shopping: Shine Hills Town / Euro Plaza / Pinnacle Plaza / Luoma Lake/Wenyu Lake/Longwan Villa lake

Supermarket: Jenny Wang / Wumart / BHG / Yonghui / Carrefour

Roundabout Public Welfare 2nd-hand shop

Transportation: buses, line 15 subway

On Going Positions Available

? ESL teachers for on campus Kindergarten

? ESL and science teachers for Dragon Bay Kindergarten

? Science and ESL teachers for Primary School Dpt

? IELTS English teachers for Cambridge Center(Middle and High School)

? English teachers for AP Center (Middle and High School)

What We Offer

? Monthly salary before tax: 10,000RMB - 30,000RMB (including 3000RMB Evaluation)

? Work subsidy: 80RMB monthly

? Meal: around 300RMB monthly

? Accommodation: one-bedroom studio on campus or off campus allowance

? Annual bonus: one month's basic salary

? Annual Subsidy: 3,000RMB (Spring Festival) & 1500RMB (Teachers Day)

? Gratuity: 26,000RMB (two years contract) - 48,000RMB (three years contract)

? Insurance: 100% coverage for accidence and inpatient treatment in a public hospital

? Work Visa sponsorship

? Teaching training and promotion opportunities

? Free Chinese lesson

? For dependents: 70% to 80% tuition fee discount, and work opportunity

Job Description

? 40 office hours including 22 teaching periods per week, 40 min per period except Kindergarten

? 20 to 30 students per class

Job Requirements

? Minimum Bachelor degree

?. Minimum two years teaching experience or teaching related certification

? Teachers from English native countries

Application Details

Please email your C.V., photo (from head to feet preferable), photocopies of passport and/or visa, degree and teaching related certification as a prior consideration.

Please state your interested position, salary expectation and free time for interview.

Contact Information

Contact name: Joy Yu

Email: A972@directapply.findworkabroad.com

Phone: 86-10-80413037

Job Id: 118054
Type: full time
Students: See job description teaching
Salary: 10000 - 30000CNY per month
Location: Beijing, Beijing
Hours: See job description
Positions: 5
Post date: 26/02/2018 22:00PM
Accommodation: See job description

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