Monthly Salary up to 18,000RMB, ESL Teacher in Beijing, Working Visa Provided, 2,000RMB Monthly Housing Subsidy   Job Id:118056

Job Description:

Requirement for Full-Time:

1. 40 working hours with 2 days off per week.
2. Teaching English (no more than 100 teaching hours per month) to students aged 3-16.
3. Assisting R&D for designing curriculumn systematically as well as school events like festival activities, promoting activities or summer/winter camps.
4. Providing working visa ( if you're qualified according to the requirement as below).
5. Providing housing subsidy RMB2000/per month.
6. Monthly salary: RMB10000-18000, depending on individual's qualifications and performance.
7. At least signing one year contract.

Required papers for working visa:

* Above BA degree.
* more than 2 years of working experience.
* Non-criminal record ( must be valid within 6 months)
* Health check up record.
All the required papers must be noterized by the embassy.

For more details, please email

Job Id: 118056
Type: full time
Students: See job description teaching
Salary: 10000 - 18000CNY per month
Location: Beijing, Beijing
Hours: See job description
Positions: 5
Post date: 27/02/2018 00:00AM
Accommodation: See job description

Application procedure:

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