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Job Description:


a) 30K CNY plus 4K housing stipend for qualified teachers (homeroom, art, math, PE, science) G1-G5. Nonqualified teachers
- up to 21k plus 4k housing stipend
b) Montessori Academic Director/Campus Principal
- Over 25K
c) International Kindergarten Principal
- 30K and above
d) Training center work up to 17k
e) Test prep (SAT, Toefl, ielts) employment
- 20k

2) DALIAN--Up to 22k at a training center

3) SHENZHEN--17-19k educating young adults in English and IELTS, TOEFL. Kindergarden and public school positions also available.

4) GUANGZHOU--18-20k. Warmer climate and be close to HK.

5) Nanjing, Chengdu, Zhuhai,Changchun, Hefei,Daqing, and various other cities
- many high paying jobs available.

US, UK, CAN,AUS, NZ, SA, and Ireland passport holders only.

Send your CV (include your 2+ years of teaching experience) and intro video to wechat: daodaostar88 or email:

Job Id: 118212
Type: full time
Students: See job description teaching
Salary: 17000 - 30000CNY per month
Location: Beijing, Beijing
Hours: See job description
Positions: 5
Post date: 28/03/2018 07:00AM
Accommodation: See job description

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