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Job Description:
The Kevin Education Group includes Kevin Foreign Language School, and Kevin Foreign Language School is a semi-public company that works with the government, public schools, and universities。Our English teacher program is in its tenth year. We are located in Changchun, Jilin. At the moment, we can offer 12-month long or longer contracts. What the school provides:   1. Salary will be 5,000 – 8,000 RMB/month , 16-20 basic working hours per week. As we do not limit your teaching hours, and if you can teach more hours, the over-time payment will be higher.   2.Accommodation reimbursement   3. Chinese holidays off   4.2 months vacation (mainly during the summer and winter breaks)   5. Teaching materials   6. After the successful completion of a 12 month contract or longer, there will be a bonus of between RMB .   7. Assistant to help accommodate adjusting to life in China   8. One-way airfare is provided for the 12-month contracts (flight home)   9. Working VisaOur requirements are as follows:1. Good English pronunciation 2. Bachelor Degree holders with a minimum of 2 year experience teaching kids .(or master degree)3. better English or education background4 .Open-minded, outgoing, patient and responsible For more details feel free to contact us.Skype: http://www.kelvininternationaleducation.com/English/Recruit/Policy/Look forward to hearing from you soon!Please,send your reply email to us with information and accompanying documents:Resume and 1 min self-introduction video or audio ()

Job Id: 118320
Type: Full time
Students: Primary School teaching
Salary: 5000 - 8000RMB per month
Location: Chang Chun, Chang
Hours: around 4 hours
Positions: 10
Post date: 16/04/2018 03:25AM
Accommodation: Accommodation Reimbursement

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Telephone: 13159759299
Skype: kevin_hr20021022

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Company information:
Job with Ji Lin Kevin International Education Group
Name: Ji Lin Kevin International Education Group
Address: China,Jilin province,Changchun city,Nanguan District,Schools for Teachers' Advanced studies

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