Job Description:
A,TITILEDRAMA AND ENGLISH (TEFL) TEACHERB, WORK SCOPE-leading drama and English (TEFL) and theatre related classes giving, teaching research, class planning and curriculum development-participating marketing campaign                                                    -attending teaching training -participate the visualization of teaching video-assistance to other teaching project-leading school semester drama show and other theater relevant -students age group are 4-12 years oldC, WORK LOAD-35 hours a week                                                                                               -no more than 25 class hours a weekD,  REQUIREMENT-native speaker                                       -bachelor diploma                                    -TEFL or drama related certificates                -at least 1 year teaching experience with certificate or recommendation letters  ï¼ˆIf you have 2-year teaching experience, we can apply the Z visa and foreign expert license for you without TEFL or related certificates ï¼‰-authenticated non-criminal record by Chinese embasy and authenticated diploma paper by Chinese embasy (according to Chinese government Z visa and foreign expert license requirement)E, C&B-RMB14000-RMB17000 PER MONTH-housing allowance RMB1800.00                           -bi-monthly recreation                                                  -Bonus              -air allowance-Shipping or Excess Baggage Allowance RMB:1200.00(RMB:1800.00 for couple staff)-Chinese language lessons ï¼ˆNOT within office hour)-teaching training- 14-day paid public holidays and 5-day annual leave- 20-day unpaid winter holidays(if mutual agreed)-sign-in after demo class bonusF, OTHERS-Z working visa and a 2-year contract with extra bonus 

Job Id: 118427
Type: Full time
Students: Training Center (Children) teaching
Salary: 13000 - 17000RMB per month
Location: Nanming, Guiyang
Hours: 35 hours a week
Positions: 3
Post date: 02/05/2018 03:29AM
Accommodation: RMB 1800 HOUSING ALLOWANCE

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Telephone: 86 13595003265
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Company information:
Name: HoorayKiddos
Address: 5 floor, Anxia Building,NO128 of Dusi RD, NANMING District, Guiyang city 550002, PRC
Type: School

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