Teach ESL in Beijing Training Center, Up to 22k RMB/Month. No more than 25 Teaching Hours/Week   Job Id:119112

Job Description:

Location: Chaoyang Park , Line 14, Beijing

Type: Training center

Working hours: 9:00am-6:00pm, Monday-Friday, No more than 25 teaching hours

Students age:3-6 years

Main responsibilities:

1. Plan and prepare lessons matching our high standards;

2. Work closely with colleagues to consistently deliver high quality lessons to learners aged from 3-6;

3. Teach Demo class at school, cooperate with market department to have outdoor Demo and shoot marketing videos;

4. Participate in weekly professional development sessions;

5. Working time: Teach up to 18 hours per week

We are looking for candidates that:

1. Native speakers, Caucasian

2. At least one year teaching experience and also organize training new online English teachers

3. TESOL/TEFL certification is preferred

4. The visa should be taken care on your own

5. Bachelor's degree

Salary &Benefit

  • 15000-22000RMB/ Month

  • Working visa

  • 3. 11 national holidays

    4. 5 days paid annual leave

    5. Free annual healthy check

    Please contact us for more details

    Email: connectbeijing@126.com

    Job Id: 119112
    Type: Full time
    Students: See job description teaching
    Salary: 15000 - 22000CNY per month
    Location: Beijing, Beijing
    Hours: See job description
    Positions: 5
    Post date: 21/07/2018 12:00PM
    Accommodation: See job description

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    Telephone: +86(0)20-37303381
    Skype: findworkabroad3

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    Company information:
    Name: ConnectBeijing
    Website: http://antianfan.com/r/cb9365

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