Kunming, Up to 8000RMB /mo, Primary School, Working Visa provided   Job Id:15017

Job Description:
Established client with professional resources and excellent working atmosphere. Teach Primary School in Wuhua, Kunming. Working 40 (5-6 days)

Job Id: 15017
Type: Full time
Students: Primary School teaching
Salary: 5000 - 15000RMB per month
Location: Wuhua, Kunming
Hours: 40 (5-6 days)
Positions: 2
Post date: 04/06/2017 06:19AM
Accommodation: Apartment provided

Application procedure:

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Telephone: 087115087132103

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Company information:
Name: Rainbow Schools
Address: 28th Floor, 216 Renminzhonglu, Kunming, Yunnan
Type: School

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