7,000 Chinese tourists travel to The United States and sing the Chinese National Anthem together,. The largest group in the tourist history. Per capita consumption of up to $ 10,000.

Local time, May 27th, 7,000 Chinese tourists took a group photo in Los Angeles, USA, and sang the Chinese National Anthem while raising the Chinese flag. According to the latest news, the trip is not over yet. The largest tourist groups in China tours the United States where the per capita credit card consumption is up to $10,000 while in the States. This has increased by over 4 times compared with the average per capita consumption of Chinese tours in Los Angeles.

Observer network reported on 23rd that most of the 7,000 tourists come from Perfect Guangdong China Ltd and they prepared to attend to the Annual Business Conference which was held in Los Angeles. From 21st to 26th, they will take more than 70 flights arriving in Los Angeles in batches.

All groups will meet in Los Angeles and take part in the conference and party. After the party, they will have a business meeting in Anaheim Convention Center; visit Disney's California Adventure Tour and go shopping in the South Coast Plaza. According to some statistical data, the tourist group booked 12,000 rooms in local hotels and produced $85 millions in revenue.

Local time in 27th, 7,000 people took photos together and sang Chinese National Anthem when they were raising the flag. At about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, they arrived at the annual meeting hall across the street. Meanwhile hundreds of people crossing the street attracted many passers-by to the crowd. Los Angeles Convention Center Auditorium was full of people and screaming. They all wore blue or green bracelets, which seemed like there was a concert.


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