Foshan government hires 4 foreigners, two of them have been working in the government since January, 2014.

Every morning, we see two foreigners with blonde hair appearing in Foshan Guangdong Provincial Bureau of foreign trade and economic cooperation; they are the employees of the government. Correspondents knew via the local government that for the purpose of making a positive environment of business, the local government hired 4 foreigners as their employees and two of them had been working in the government since January while the others are still handling their working visa and will start working on July this year.

Yu Hongping, Deputy Chairman of Foshan Guangdong Provincial Bureau of foreign trade and economic cooperation, said that they posted their job openings both at home and abroad which says that they are hiring International Investment Promotion Specialists, who come from outside China. This was the first time the local government hired foreigners to work in their office.

The job information attracted hundreds of foreigners to apply and after layerlayer selection, employees were hired. From the UK, graduated from the University of Plymouth and Chris from Uruguay, Nicholas graduated from the Harvard University in 4 admissions. According to the local governor, these four people are a part of the government in Foshan. Besides daily work on international investment programs, the main task is that they design and maintain the websites about Foshan foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau. Correspondents found out: these foreigners can speak Chinese fluently and have been studied and have worked in China for a long time. 

At present, The Foshan government is trying their best to make an international business environment and this year is regarded as the last year for “industrial chain investment in three years’ plan”. They protest the traditional western market and at the same time they will try to expand new market in Russia, East Asia and Africa. 

Yu Hongping said: “at the aspect of investment and merchants, we need innovation and good service. The introduction of foreign investment participation is a new way of governments’ innovation. 


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