A woman put a Pearl into glutinous rice, 9 years later, 5 small Pearls were born.

How were the little 5 Pearls born? A strange occurence happened in Yaxing Road, Taijiang district, Fuzhou city, Fujian province, in the woman’s house. Miss Lin put a Pearl into glutinous rice nine years ago, and now 6 little Pearls are found in the bottle of the glutinous rice. For that matter, Mr Wang, who is the general secretary of Fujian province jade jewelry Association, says that it is very weird and he can’t explain it.

Miss Lin said she spent 10rmb to buy the Pearl in Hainan province in 2005 when she traveled there. Then put it into a bottle and tightened it. Time went by and she forgot about it until she found the plastic bottle in her belongings yesterday.

Miss Lin said happily: “after opening the bottle, one Pearl appeared and then one after other. The total amount of Pearls is six”.

Miss Lin told reporters: “the biggest Pearl is as the same size as the second biggest one when I bought it. Now it has increased by one time after so many years past.” The biggest Pearl is almost 10 millimeters long and most of the body is milky white, a small part of it is yellow. These Pearls are less glossy compared with normal Pearls. While the other 5 pearls appearance is not consistent, some are round, some oval shaped, others are hemispherical.

Nine year ago, Miss Lin owned one Pearl and now she has a “Pearl family”. She is very curious and informed local reporters.

On Jun 1st, reporters had an interview with the general secretary of Fujian province jade jewelry Association-Mr. Wang. He said the Pearls need to return to their mother- sea clam to keep alive. Sea clams have to live in water so that Pearls can grow. Without water, it is impossible Pearls can stay alive. About this matter, which Miss Lin encountered, he could not explain the reason.




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