1,600 “Paper Pandas” arrived in Hong Kong for a traveling exhibition

 Someone uploaded a group of panda photos on Facebook. Pandas were seated in the plane and were served by airline hostesses. The Sponsor, who is responsible for “1600 Pandas travel to Hong Kong exhibition” said because of limit amount of the plane seats, 1,600 pandas couldn't arrive in Hong Kong at the same time. Some pandas, which arrived in Hong Kong on June 4, were the first groups. They lived in Yuan Chong Fang and the last group of pandas will be arriving on Monday, June 9. 

1,600 pandas are all hand-made from recycled paper. According to local reporters, these pandas are exhibited in Hong Kong from a village in Thailand and were sent to Hong Kong after they were made. Some netizens saw a  "Panda army" arriving in Hong Kong yesterday morning, the first group of paper pandas arrived by special flights with Cathay Pacific special flight named "Spirit of Hong Kong".

After arriving, these paper pandas will be stationed in Yuan Chong Fang, which is in Hong Kong for a creative center. Before formally organized the "1600 Pandas tour in Hong Kong" the exhibition will tour at least 10 attractions which include: Hong Kong international airport, Tian Tan Buddha, the old railway station clock tower, Victoria Park Tsing Ma Bridge, Sha Tin Racecourse, Hong Kong Coliseum, Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza and the Ocean Park, etc.

During this time, citizens can take photos with these pandas as close as they can. Pandas will return to Yuan Chong Fang to have a rest at night. The reason for the exhibition is that it can bring positive energy and an interesting attraction for local residents and visitors to the city.

1600 Pandas is an idea from a branch of WWF France to celebrate the 35th anniversary of cooperation with Paulo Grangeon. It was first exhibited at the Paris City Hall; The endangered giant panda is the emblem of WWF, the symbol of nature under threat, there are only around 1600 Pandas left in the world.



Original from: http://news.cbg.cn/ 


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