Unknown Object falls from sky in Heilongjiang - UFO sightings increase to 11

On the morning of the 17th May, a citizen who lives in Shunli County, China saw a UFO falling on a sandy slope covered in fire and smog with resemblance to a giant mushroom. Early the next morning, Li Wenbo, deputy town chief, informed the superior department immediately after he had confirmed the sighting. At present, the area is blocked off and waiting for the related department to deal with the situation. It is reported that this is the eleventh UFO is found in Heilongjiang province.

It was around eleven o’clock on the 18th May according to local citizens’; correspondents arrived at the spot: Songjiang River which is 1 kilometer away from an inhabited village. Correspondents saw a ten meter high rail around the river and the area within was blocked off out of sight. There isn't any green grass that used to be there before. 100 meters outside of the epicenter, there were police cars and guards all around the site.

According to observer Mr Yue, he said: “yesterday I wandered near by and suddenly a unknown object fell out from the sky with a cloud of black smog and then hit the sand, the object emerged as a mushroom cloud and went off a couple of minutes later. At that time, I decided it was not serious and went back home. The next morning, I wanted to go back and had a look and noticed that the area had a large hole and was blocked off”. Reporters discovered via the government there had been no casualties.

Reporters also knew from the publicity department that they received reports stating an unknown object fell in Shunli County, and now they are waiting for further information. 

On 16th, 5 unknown objects dropped from the sky in Yian and Baiquan town. Among them, three are located in new town in Baiquan, which are spindle shaped objects, with yellow filaments;

One was a silver metal strip and located in Anfu village; another one was a metal dome-like object, surrounded by jagged edges, and had burn marks in Mengchang village. 

On 17th, a citizen of Mengchang village found three unknown objects near the fields. One of them almost weiged 1.8 kilograms and apparently contained visible burn marks. On the same day, new county in Baiquan town found another two unknown objects as well. 


Views: 1974

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