Peasant spent 10 years to invent manned suitcase-the lightest suitcase in the world

Carrying suitcase is very tiring when you travel at home or abroad. Imagine riding on your suitcase without any walking during your vacation! Now, manned electric multifunction suitcases have immerged in Changsha city, Hunan province. Yesterday, Jia Liangcai, who invented the electric multifunction suitcase, drove his multifunction suitcase to his office after he got off the train. The manned electric multifunction suitcase is also called the “City Car”.  

Unbelievable! this suitcase looks no different than normal suitcases, however, there are Wheel Hub motors, navigation systems and GPS satellite positioning in the suitcase and the inventor- Jia Liangcai holds the patent.

Jia Liangcai comes from Henglongqiao, Yiyang city. In the early 1980s, he ran a garage  and became rich in his county. He did not indulge in enjoyment but began putting his attention to different traffic accidents. “Every time i repair cars, I am appaulled by the damage. So how to reduce traffic accidents? " He was wondering for many years. After so many years experience in invention and hundreds of Crash Tests, his car automatic safety protection won the national invention patent, and he also won the U.S. Patent and Third World Invention Fair International Einstein Award in 1999. 

Jia Liangcai said: “after I got off the plane in USA and was told that he forgot my suitcase. I was very tired and also needed to carry the suitcase. I wondered at that time, whether there were manned suitcases. In 1999, on his way to America, he had a new idea about manned electric multifunction suitcases. And 10 years later, “the manned suitcase” arrived.

Jia Liangcai began his invention when he came back from USA. He used a combination between suitcase and car materials and design, one of the main changes was the engine to a wheel hub motor. The Power comes for the wheel and the battery was replaced with gasoline and other fuels; while using kids’ skateboard-type frame which was embedded in the suitcase. Two handles of the frame were installed on the cue switches, braking system and apparatus using LED, so that the frame had a luminous signal. 

The Electric wheel hub bothered Mr Jia as he was brought up with Steam power for the majority of his life. In 10 years he invented the multifunction suitcase, which can drive two people at a speed up to 20 km (non-motor vehicle), with a range of 50-60 km once started. 

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