"Pumpkin Prince" nurtures a giant pumpkin heavier than a 2-year old.

“Taiwan heavyweight Great Pumpkin Competition of 2014” will be held in Shangshun Square, Toufen town, Taiwan on 21st and 22nd this month. In order to gain the “Pumpkin Prince” award, every competitor keeps their pumpkin weight secret and refuses observations. Xu Canghao, who won last years “Pumpkin Prince” throne was with a 731kg pumpkin, he opened his garden to visitors and believed he can also win this years’ competition as well.

Toufen County Agricultural Extension Unit- Xiao Zhenlin said, “Taiwan heavyweight Great Pumpkin Competition” attracts 11 counties offering over 60 giant pumpkins in the competition last year. The visitors all wonder the weight of the pumpkins.

In order to win the Great Pumpkin Prince honor, many contestants keep secret pumpkin competition in their own home, but “the Pumpkin Prince last year”, Xu Canghao invited members of farmers' associations to visit his Pumpkin, which was very huge and even heavier than a 2 year old child.

More than 30 years of experience in nurturing pumpkins, Xu Cang Hao said, when planting a large pumpkin the first important step is water control. Watering too much, the head will easily crack, every step of the growing process should be taken with extra care.



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