Female fans watched the World Cup at an twisting neck, caused joint dislocation and almost paralyzed.

Recently, the World Cup brought the opportunity to let your hair down and get excited about the matches, however, for some watchers in China this was a bit of a health hazard. After staying up late and watching the games until past midnight, as well as eating and drinking too much when watching the football. A lot of people suffered from chest tightness, dizziness, headaches, dry eyes, blurred vision, pain symptoms, especially to those who lying in the bed to watch the games even more  people  cause serious dislocation and paralysis. 

On the early morning of June 17th, Germany beat Portugal with 4 to nil, as Germany's loyal fans, the 35 year old Liu also stood in front of the TV, and her family was lying in bed watching the game with her. She was too excited and couldn't help herself jumping from the bed when Germany scored a splendid goal. At the end of the game, Miss Liu found her whole neck could not move, she thought that it may be a light twist neck pain and didn't worry about it. The next day, she couldn't bear the pain and went to hospital to check. It was found not a simple twist to the neck, but the atlanto-axial subluxation, which in serious situations can cause paralysis.

Doctor Sun, who is a main doctor of Department of orthopedics and traumatology of TCM Hospital of Nanjing City, said recently, the patients of neck pain are increasing, mainly because of fatigue, cold, improper exercise, massage, long-term bad posture (lying on the bed to watch TV, bow head down to play mobile phone), etc. In Miss Liu's case lying in bed and watching TV is a common cause of this kind of problem.

The expert reminds, if your shoulder and neck feel uncomfortable, first of all, stop doing the current activity, secondly keep your neck warm, especially in summer, don’t use air-conditioning to blow on your neck directly.


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