Beggar boasting over 5000Yuan earnings in 1-month, Robbed. Jun 17 news: The beggar surnamed Huang boasted that he took five months savings-5,000 yuan and said he can beg 5000yuan per month, and was robbed by others. 

At 12:00 on April 5, beggar Huang was begging in Shangxi town, Yiwu city. A waste collector saw beggar Huang handing a lot of change and he wanted to change his money with the beggar. Beggar Huang took his coins and changed all the money. This act attracted a lot of people to watch. Seeing so many people around, beggar Huang’s took the money and showed it to the people around him, shouting: "In just 1 month I have received 5000 Yuan from begging!" In order to entrust belief in his words, beggar Huang counted the cash infront of the crowd. 

After the end of show of his wealth, Beggar Huang picked up his package and walked towards Shangxi Industrial area.

He soon noticed that behind him there was a skinny man followed him, which made him uncomfortable, he said:. "You go first, I have to count the money," Then he really started to concentrate on counting the money.  

After he had counted all the money the skinny man suddenly grabbed the beggars shoulders and his hands, took all the money and ran off.

Beggar Huang went to the nearby police station immediately and asked for help.

On April 6, the skinny man was caught by local police in a town hotel in Yiwu. This man surnamed Liu, came from Yunnan with no fixed job. On the day of the robbery he accidentally saw beggar Huang boasting his wealth and the robber had the idea to steal the money.

June 13, on suspicion of robbery, Liu shall be prosecuted by Yiwu City Court.



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