Angela Dorothea Merkel learns to cook kung pao chicken in Chengdu, China

Angela Dorothea Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, appears as a queen when she buys bean paste in a farmers market in Chengdu.

In Berlin, Merkel was famous for buying food in the supermarket nearby her apartment. On July 6, morning, after she walked in to Chengdu dairy farmer's market, Chinese people crowded around and applauded; some even recorded videos on their phone. Even with all the attention Merkel did not feel uncomfortable.

Merkel has great interest in a variety of Sichuan spices, including some which are even very special vegetable roots in Germany. Even the German prime minister bought a packet of Sichuan pepper and quoted it was hot enough for every person in the whole of Europe!

She also bought bean paste and chili peppers in the market. As a result, she put together a basket of almost entirely kung pao chicken ingredients - this is her favorite Sichuan cuisine.

At the old "Chengdu impression" Sichuan restaurant, Merkel carefully observed the chef cooking with raw ingredients which she had purchased. When she returns to Germany, she will try to cook this dish for his husband.



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