Jiangxi Bee man breaks the Guinness World Records; Bees cover his body for fifty-three minutes without even a single sting!

Ruan Liangming, who is praised as the “First Bee Man in Jiangxi”, breaks the “human body covered with bees above shoulders for the longest time record” in the Guinness World Records.  

The activity of “World Records of China” was held in Mingyue Square, Yichuan city, Jiangxi province. That night, Ruan Liangming, who comes from Fengxin town, Yichuan city, Jiangxi province, took part in the activity naked. Workers dressed in anti-stinging  gear, poured hundreds of bees on his head. Not long after, Ruan Liangming was covered in thousands of bees on his head and upper part of his body. He became known as “Bee Man” immediately after. 

The authority of the World Records announced that Ruan Liangming had broken the previous record: “human body covered with bees above shoulders for the longest time” previously a 20 minute Guinness World Record had been set and now with 53 minutes and 34 seconds Ruan Liangming has taken the title!

According to his introduction, this challenge was regarded as the final activity of “First Bee Man in Jiangxi”. In 2008, Ruan Liangming had covered himselt with 26.8 kilograms of bees and had created a new record on Shanghai Great Guinness World Record.  


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