A fresh-man bedazzled by romance, caused a large fire after igniting fireworks on campus

On 24th October , a fresh graduate student of Liaoning Advertisement Career College ignited fireworks to confess his love for a senior classmate, who could be described as “a goddess” in his mind. Despite this “Romantic Act” the resulting fireworks caused a fire in the corn field near the campus. The fire spread quickly because of dry weather, fortunately no one was hurt in this accident.


From the picture taken in the area, the site was located near the stand of the university’s stadium. The fireworks were set off burning in the sky while a group of students were watching on the playground and stand, then a fire quickly started near the stand. According to the picture, the fire was about three to four meters high and the flame dyed the whole stand red.


After one-hour fighting fire by fire officers and soldiers, the fire was put out entirely. The fire officer said that the fire burned area was about three hundred to four hundred square meters, and the fire was fueled mainly by weeds and the corn field beyond the walls of campus. There was no damage caused to the university.

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