A shaolin guard performed “walking on the water”... Really!

On 26th October, Shi Liliang, who is a Shaolin guard in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China performed “walking on the water” at Caobang Reservoir. After several warm-ups, in full view of the audience and the media, he successfully “walked” 118 meters across the surface of the water with his toes and the help of three-plywood boards, exceeding his past record of 100 meters. After Shi Liliang explained the mystery of “walking on the water” to the audience and the media: “You need to have fast speed and take small steps when you do this. Then with the help of the buoyancy of three-ply wooden boards you focus your strength on your toes, you can successfully walk on the water.” Since 2005 he has been trying the skill of “walking on water”. On his initial attempt, he used a straw mat with a wooden board as assistance. Now he's developed it into a three-ply wooden board because of its lightness and thinness.

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