Restaurant boss delivers takeout by luxury car for sales promotion

At the afternoon of 29th October, a red Ferrari 458 flung it's tail-end skillfully and screeched to a sketchy stop at the gate of a community in Yubei, in Chongqing. With takeout in his hand, a man got out of the car and looked around. This phenomenon attracted a lot of onlookers. Some of them asked: “Is this for marriage?” As a result, the man went straight to a lady standing in front of the gate and said: “Hi! Is this your order of crayfish?” This caused a big “wow” from the crowd.

The driver of the car, who is the boss of a restaurant in Yubei, is named “Shi tou”. He introduced his restaurant to the media indicating that he specializes in all sorts of flavored crayfish. Due to large orders, some customers required a takeout delivery service. However, during trial operation, the restaurant hadn’t yet set up the takeout delivery service. For gaining these customers, he had to deliver the takeout by himself. He also told media that he had even tried other luxury cars such as Lamborghini, Porsche and Maserati to serve the takeout delivery.

On top of being the boss of the restaurant, he is also in charge of luxury cars sales center. The decision of opening this restaurant with his four friends comes from the fact that they typically love to have meals at food stalls, crayfish is their favorite. Traditional food stalls were not willing to rip off the digestive tract of crayfish, so they decided to open a new restaurant themselves.


Located a distance from the central downtown area, the restaurant did not have many customers at first and increasing the fame of the restaurant became a crying need. After delivering takeout by luxury cars, occasionally, luckily, the news went viral on the internet and the fame of restaurant increased dramatically. His Wechat account suddenly had over 1000 new followers since the opening of the first restaurant just one month ago and the number is forever increasing. Of course, there are some limitations about luxury cars delivery service: you should have an order of at least 500 yuan. The restaurant has now allured many customers, who do not place orders above 500Yuan, instead they have meals at the restaurant. As of now, it is told that they can sell over 1000 kilograms of crayfish every day.

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