Villagers invite people to “steal” their cabbages

Sowing, reaping and stealing carrots from other farms was once a very popular phenomenon of a famous online game. Today, this game becomes a “reality” – vegetable growers, who live in Danao village of Yinlinzhi town in Shouyang county, invite everyone to experience the fun of “stealing” vegetables for free.

Recently, there was a large harvest of cabbages in Danao village. This high yield, however, was not welcomed by vegetable growers at all. Liu Bin, the general manager of Tianyi Agricultural Technique Limited Company, explained the reasons behind the growers negative response to the media: because of tough sales, the purchase price of cabbages was lower than the previous year, which was 3 to 5 fen per 500 grams versus 6 to 7 jiao per 500 grams this year (jiao is 1/10th of fen). With such a low purchase price, they couldn’t even break even. Even worse, there wasn't even enough laborers in the villages to harvest the full crop.


Right now this is the harvest season for other vegetables. With cabbages remaining in the fields, villagers cannot grow other vegetables, causing further headache for the growers. To solve this problem, they have come up with the idea to invite people to take their cabbages for free. Helping them avoid waste and reduce damage – a win-win for both growers and locals.

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