A foreigner's videos about Chinese food viral across the internet!

The extensive and profound food culture of China has attracted lots of diners, but also confuses many of its visitors because of its wild variety and different flavors. Most newcomers have a hard time choosing what kind of food to put on his or her list and are seriously in need of a useful guide which can help them find out more about Chinese food. At the beginning of 2014, a user called “lazy foreigner” (懒惰老外) uploaded a series of videos of Chinese snacks and reviews on Weibo, which soon went viral on the internet triggering a wild and hot discussion.

After which the “lazy foreigner”- an English teacher named Austin from Tianjin Foreign Studies University - introduced a new series of videos called “eat everything”(什么都吃), which extended his scope of Chinese food and range of places in his review. Without any surprise, the new series got a huge amount of views in just a couple of days.

Austin told the media that he loves eating snacks all the time and the reason he chose to live in China related to various and unique Chinese food. He also admitted that on his initial arrival to China, he knew nothing about Chinese food and Chinese characters, which forced him to search for good food among hundreds, without direction. He tried everything himself and slowly he found the ones best suited to his taste. To help other foreigners avoid the same situation as himself, he decided to upload his trips of finding good Chinese food in order to provide some useful information for them.

Austin says that he never expected his videos would be acclaimed by Chinese netizens. From his point of view, he simply feels that he is just an ordinary person doing something meaningful. He buys some snacks and records the reviews, and he enjoys it.

When talking about favorite Chinese food, Austin strongly recommends hot pots of Sichuan and Chongqing. He thinks these two hot pots have great flavor which he never gets tired of. Regarding his favorite Chinese celebrity, he mentions that during childhood, he enjoyed Jackie Chan’s movies, and he liked Kung Fu.


As for further plans of recording, he discloses that he is going to Beijing for reviews on roasted duck and miscellaneous sauce noodles, Beijing style cuisines. In addition, he hopes that his videos can help promote Chinese food overseas and make it known and loved by foreigners.

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