Chinese Zongzi planned for export outside China forbidden to enter 29 countries

Eating Zongzi is a Chinese traditional custom. However, if you want to send Zongzi to your relatives or families, you may probably run into some difficult problems. At least 29 countries and regions forbid Chinese Zongzi entering their country.

Quality Supervision Department reminds us that because some varieties of Zongzi contain meat ingredients carry the risk of bird flu, foot and mouth disease and other quarantine diseases spreading. Furthermore after a long journey Zongzi will go bad. Therefore, some countries have taken restrictive measures about carrying and mailing Zongzi.

It was reported that these countries forbade carrying and sending Zongzi are as follows: Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea and Taiwan. In addition Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada and Japan ban Zongzi which are made with meat and yolk. So how about Chinese laws? Is it acceptable to carry and mail Zongzi over long distances or not? According to "People's Republic of China Pets, animals and plants aswell as their products mailed List" China forbids carrying and mailing Zongzi containing meat and hotdog ingredients; other varieties of Zongzi are permitted.

How to ensure that what you are carrying is permitted when entering a foreign country? Quality Supervision Department advises tourists to familiarise themselves with the regulations regarding carrying and mail Zongzi in our own Country and other countries.

People wonder whether it is hard to mail inside China? Reporters knew via postal and express company that Zongzi packages can be sent to other cities with the exception of fresh and unpackaged Zongzi. 


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