University couples wearing lovers’ clothes to try to work in the same company!

Recently at a graduate recruitment day at Zhixing College of Hubei University, many graduates wore the same clothes as their lovers’ or close friends’ to try to get employed in the same company.

Xiaoyang and Xiaoying, who are students and close friends from the department of humanities, held hands and wore the same white shirts and vest dresses attracting lots of attention. Xiaoyang said: “With her company, I am confident and fearless at my interview.”

Xiaopang and Xiaoxiang, graduating from the department of arts, have been dating for three years. To improve their chances of finding a job, both of them deliberately wore blue-and-white striped lovers’ clothes and then shared the same application form in order to work at the same company. Xiaopang said: “We are graduates of the same degree course and hope we can work in the same company.” He disclosed that they had gone through the first interviews at a design company.

A head of an enterprise in Fujian Province suggested that most newly employed graduates easily jump to and from companies, affecting the long-time personnel training plan. Therefore, we welcome graduate couples to join our company in order to increase stability of personnel.


Additionally Miss Sun, a teacher from department of enrollment and employment of the university, felt that post-90 graduates wearing lovers’ or close friends’ clothes to attend the recruitment fair, could be seen as a trend and help ease tension. As a teacher, however, he would not encourage this act because it would be more appropriate to wear formal or vocational clothes when job hunting. He also recommended that job hunting should involve a degree of formality. Development platform, salary, benefits and working environments etc are the elements which should be thought of. Applicants should figure out whether the company is best suited for them and benefiting their prospectives. Working in the same company with lovers or friends should not be the priority.

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