High school students wear suit at school

Boys wear suit's and tie's, girls dress up with black leggings and high heels, and this isn’t only occurring in the office. This is the norm of every Wednesday in Senior two Class 18 of Bashu High School. They gave it the name “formal suit day”. On that day, every student must be tidy, clean and dressed up formally,  leading the students to be polite and behave properly, so no sleeping in class and no hurrying in the dining hall.

Zhang Bo, who is a 34 years old head teacher of this liberal arts class and the founder of the “formal suit day”, figured out that the students felt sleepy easily in the afternoon and behaved badly due to limited constraints. To improve the efficiency of tutoring, he was looking for a good way to dispel this phenomenon. Once at an employment fair, he saw interviewees did not have a good understanding of the importance of appearance when job hunting. Thus he identified how you dress  and behave yourself is meaningful to your future perspectives.

He said: “Then, most of the parents and students supported this idea, though a few still questioned the activity.” In the middle of September, Zhang Bo suggested this idea to parents through a QQ group, the themedactivities by telling them why they should wear formal suits and what types of formal suits they should wear. Eventually everyone was convinced and passed the proposal.

Right now, as a result of “formal suit day”, the behavior of students has changed gradually: They have begun to adjust their incorrect sitting posture, trying not to sleep and play with mobile phones during class. These positive results excited Zhang Bo and all the other teachers having lessons there. However, as expected, some problems arose and caused an embarrassing situation. Gong Hao, a student 1.85 meters tall, said that because of his height, some other students mistook him as a teacher and his classmates took this as a joke. Another student called Sheng Shixiao said: “Yesterday morning I wore a suit to school by bus. When the card reader shouted ‘student card’, everyone turned their head at me with suspicion and I felt very embarrassed. It was like they couldn’t believe that I am a student based on my looks.”



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