Have you seen 53 kilo mega sweet potato king?

On the morning of October 7th, Uncle Chen, a 64 year old citizen from West Street in Wengqiao town, Wengling city, unexpectedly dug out a mega sweet potato in a nearby field. Up to 53 kilos, this huge sweet potato needed at least two adults to carry it! Due to the size of the potato, there were many cracks on the surface and a couple of smaller sweet potatoes had grown on to the king size sweet potato.

This sweet potato has broken Uncle Chen’s past record of 40 kilos last year. According to his neighbors, most of Uncle Chen’s sweet photos are of huge size; even the smallest one is 25 kilos.

However, Uncle Chen is not a professional grower, he only grew sweet potatoes when he was ten years old with his parents. “The sweet potatoes were an alternative to rice.” He said. Since then, he hadn’t grown any vegetables after running his own business.

More Recently, Uncle Chen is getting older and has retired from his job. “It's boring to stay at home with nothing to do, so I planned to grow something. Other people love growing plants and flowers, but I prefer sweet potatoes.” He explained. Talking about the skill of growing sweet potatoes, he said that every sweet potato is the same; the only difference is you have to apply fertilizer frequently. Applying premium fertilizer to sweet potatoes in batches is his secret of growing huge sweet potatoes. Actually, every time he is free, he goes to his field and looks carefully after his sweet potatoes.


Apart from this mega sweet potato, there have been other huge sweet potatoes which have been dug out by Uncle Chen as well. According to Uncle Chen, nevertheless, he doesn’t plan to sell them at all.

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