Single's day shopping in China, Crazy!

“What did you buy?” Believe it or not, will be your “greeting” when you meet your friend today. “Double eleven”, a festival coming from single’s day but no longer relating to it, has attracted millions of people ordering discounted items. Many companies in China offer discounts on singles day. Without surprise, “double eleven” has already become the biggest online shopping day in China.

Recently, the word “buy” has become the hottest word on social networks. E-commerce companies such as, T-mall have advertised heavily offering large discounts. Fun jokes are spreading across internet – female staff are allowed to go home and wives turn into black sheep on single’s day. Even the news reports on the television mention how many hours are left to “double eleven” day. It is like everyone is waiting for the coming of Christmas or New Year.

According to predictions, approximately 1.25 million couriers, a number which could compare with people going home during spring rush, have devoted to the courier service of “double eleven”. It is also expected that there will be nearly 500 million parcels being deliveries after the festival. It is literally no exaggeration that almost all the citizens within the nation, except for people who do not own a computer or know anything about internet, have joined in this crazy shopping day.


“What should I buy? I am very anxious! Please share your shopping cart!” Everyone on the internet was discussing what items have the biggest discount, what items are worth buying. Apparently no one wants to miss the hype train and they decided to follow with the masses. At the same time, the pages of, T-mall have already readied, waiting for the huge wave of potential customers and large sales and hoping to break the record of last year. Merchants utilized different methods to drive sales. For example, the price of some items were to be announced after zero o’clock. Some websites even advised customers to put favored items in their shopping cart beforehand. With such heavy promotion and mood of the festival, almost all the impulsive buyers cannot resist the allure, and hastily click to buy things without careful consideration.

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