IT engineer switched job to sell Barbecue pig feet!

In the university city of Songjiang, Shanghai, there is a well-known Barbecue Pig feet vendor named Bajie Barbecue pig feet, ran by a one-time popular inspirational man – Lai Zhangping. The man, born in a village in Jiangxi in 1985, decided to give up an IT engineering job with monthly salary of 5000RMB after graduating from chemical degree course of Huaqiao University. Instead, he switched to sell pig feet as a street vendor. The news went viral and sparked a hot debate. His nick name “the brother of BBQ pig feet”, named by locals, began to be known by the masses.

In 2012, Lai Zhangping resigned from his position of engineer and went to the university city of Songjiang to set up his BBQ pig feet business. After just 1 year, his business was booming and had attracted a lot of customers. Different from the traditional way, he not only does on-site sales, but also extended his business on the popular Wechat App (What's App equivalent in China) taking orders and group purchases. For instant reply and service, he bought several mobile phones and a laptop in order to monitor the real-time status of orders. As a result of his great efforts, every day his shop sells 700 to 800 BBQ pig feet, which are priced at 8 rmb each. Two thirds of the orders come from internet orders due to the discount offers. According to him, the daily average net profit is about 1000 to 2000 rmb, and montly profit is up to 30 to 40 thousand rmb. After his success in Shanghai, he recently opened a new branch in Beijing. 


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