Xi'an baby born sharing the same birthday across three generations

At 9:02AM, November 18th, Zhang Xing and his wife Cai Jinghuan gladly welcomed their newly born baby in Tangcheng Hospital, in Xi’an. They were not only happy about the birth of their baby daughter Runrun, but also surprised to see that she shared her birthday with her father and grandfather. According to the doctor, this possibility is less than one in 270 thousand.

Zang Xing says: “The expected date of childbirth was actually November 25th at first. However, my wife went to hospital to have a checkup on 17th and was recommended to stay in hospital because of amniotic fluid deficiency. At 11:00PM that night, my wife stayed overnight in hospital and next morning, she was sent to the delivery room and my daughter was born.”

“It is like it was destined to be.” says Cai Jinghuan. “At the delivery room after her birth, I told the doctor that this is the best birthday gift for my husband.”

Zhang Xiaojun, who is grandpa of Runrun and was born on November 18th 1962, is overjoyed by the birth of grandson and busy taking care of the baby all the time. “I had never celebrated the birthday of my son until 2008. That night, our family had a large dinner and we showed our ID card. Then I began to realize today was my birthday as well. After that, my son and I celebrated our birthday on the same day.” he said.

He also joked that back then the family saved a cake every year as a result of the same birthday coincidence. Right now, his grandson can join in their birthday party as well and save another cake.

Nevertheless, he has decided to hold a large birthday party next year. He says: “When the time comes, I will order a three-layer birthday cake, inviting all of our relatives and friends to celebrate and have a blast with us. It is very not easy for three generations to have a same birthday. We are really lucky!”


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