Post 90s guy set up errands business, buying flowers to queuing, the extremities of services offered to China's emerging middle class.

Thinking of buying a delicious cake but too lazy to go outside? No worries, right now, you only need to call to get someone help you. This is exactly what Wang Yi’s business is: running errands for lazy people. As laziness prevails in the modern society, some people notice this might be a business opportunity with huge potential and Wang Yi is one of them.

“Hi, could you help me delivery a birthday cake?” At the afternoon of November 18th, Wang Yi received such a phone call. The person in the phone call said that because his girlfriend was having a birthday, so he hoped that the birthday cake could be delivered directly to the restaurant where the birthday dinner was at. After picking the call, Wang Yi went out right away to order the birthday cake and contact the customer for details regarding the style of the cake and price etc. Once the cake was done, he drove and delivered it to the appointed restaurant. The customer Mr Ma said: “I saw this service on my friend’s circle on Wechat by accident. I think the service is pretty good. The cake has been delivered in less than half an hour.” However, with starting price 15 yuan of this service, after deducting the expenses such as parking fees, he only earned a few bucks from this delivery. “Right now, I cannot make much money out of it. This is just the beginning and I must first convince people to accept this kind of service.” he said.

Apart from delivery service, his business also covers queuing, chauffeur, pick-up etc. Wang Yi said: “Once I tried to help someone line up for registration for Pediatrics in Xiguan Hospital and thus I had to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning; Another time, I just arrived home at 11 o’clock at night and a customer called me for wanting to eat dough. Hence I had to go out again to delivery the dough.” Although he always tries to do his best to satisfy the requirements from various customers, sometimes there are some impossible tasks as well. “I remembered it was also 11 o’clock at night, a customer said he was having congee and wanted to eat spicy stir fried pickled vegetables. I replied to the customer that he should buy something else because it was too late for that. He didn’t give in so I had to search everywhere for this. Unfortunately, no place was selling this food and eventually I had to apologize to him.” Wang Yi mentioned that his nerve always stretches tightly since running this business. Even at the moment he feels mentally and physically exhausted, he can do nothing but hang on.

From the initial registration of his errand business to having run the business for three months, from doing it alone to having an errand group consisting of 13 people, Wang Yi’s efforts were not in vain. He admitted that originally his parents and friends were against this idea, which was deemed a thankless tough job without much money to make. Nonetheless, he stuck it out and made a certain success. “The average turnover in these months is up to 5000 yuan. But I still lose money as a result of greater expense, especially traveling fees. I do not care about the loss because right now I simply want to build up the reputation. To be honest, this industry is easily copied by others and at present there are many part-time errand workers online. However, I do not fear them, and even I am happy to talk to them and exchange experience. I have faith in this industry.” Wang Yi said. In spite of errands, he has done some public welfare undertakings as well. He thinks high credibility and good service are the important factors leading the industry to healthy and stable development.

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