Golden retriever with artistic temperament went viral, loving bookstores and reading books

Kaituo Bookstore, located in Fengting gated community, Nan’an district, Chongqing city had an unexpected and special guest recently – a golden retriever! The dog, which was said to be a “literary young dog”, made the bookstore his home, accompanying the owner of the bookstore while he was reading books.

“This is a very cute golden retriever. In the beginning, I thought it was a lost dog.” said Yang Jin, the bookstore owner. At first, he built a small home in front of the bookstore for the dog, asking for the owner of the dog and prepared to adopt him at the same time if the owner didn’t show up.

Later, he learned that the name of the golden retriever was “Yeye” and the dog had an owner – a lady called Miss Zhang teaching at the Belly Dance Training Center nearby. Miss Zhang always teaches dance with her dog, but never tethers him and lets him play around freely. Yeye prefered running to bookstores than staying in the dance training center. Mr Yang said with a smile: “It has been a whole week and the dog has come here many times. I'm used to it now!”

Yeye usually loves lying on the floor in the bookstore quietly with Mr Yang reading books next to him. Sometimes Mr Yang stands up to do something else, Yeye stands up as well and follows him all the time. If Mr Yang needs to go outside to do business, he will say to the dog: “Yeye, I need to do some business outside. You just stay here and wait for me to come back.” Although the dog still wants to go with him and doesn't  stay in the bookstore. Having no alternatives, Mr Yang has to coax the dog back to him home at the bookstore. 

Mr Yang said: “Yeye is very quiet and never barks. Probably because of his indoor personality, he hence prefers the bookstore than the dance training center. I must say this dog is indeed a literary young dog!”

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