Special or hellish? University canteen introduces stir fried beef meatballs with orange

Last Friday, Xinan University rolled out a new dish regarded “hellish” online: stir fried beef meatballs with orange, cherry tomato, broccoli, chili, orange peel, ginger and spring onion. Some adventurous students ate it and the flavor of the dish tasted very unique and special, while others were too afraid to even try.

Yesterday afternoon, Miss Peng Ruoying, a Sophomore from College of Liberal Arts in Xinan University, was going to have lunch at the canteen but unexpectedly found this special dish. Meanwhile, a number of students had already taken photos! “I  heard the news of the special dish in the canteen of other schools. However, I am surprised to see that it's in our school’s canteen.” she said. She didn’t have the guts to give it a shot, nevertheless, she wanted to know the reaction of other students. Miss Dai Yujie and Miss Cai Yong, who were also students from College of Liberal Arts, paid 4 yuan and ordered this dish. “It's red, green, yellow and white colors, looks very colorful and delightful. So we have decided to order it.” Miss Dai Yujie said. “The flavor is actually very light and it seems healthy by mixing up with fruits.” said Mr Xu Jie, who came from College of History and Culture. He deemed the flavor was indeed unusual but acceptable and might consider ordering again in the future.

In fact, it was Mr He, the canteen manager, who invented this new dish. He said that generally the canteen would moderately modify the dishes according to seasonal changes and structural changes in people's dining. Previously, he was thinking about combining his hometown’s Cantonese dish and Sichuang dishes together to create a brand new dish to attract students. It happened to be the season of orange, and beef meatballs had sold very well recently. Thus he determined to mix them up. Additionally, he mentioned that nowadays everyone was paying attention to eating healthily, which was also the highlight of the dish. It is known that the fruits are rich in Vitamin C and beef can provide sufficient protein, as well as orange peel is helpful in clearing lungs and eliminating phlegm. The colorful mix-up can dramatically increase your appetite, bringing pleasing warmth to diners in the cold winter.


“This dish was 5 yuan before. Now we’ve decided to lower it down to 4 yuan because of fierce competition from booming take-away industry.” Mr He admitted that since the take-away giants sparked the price fight in Xinan University, the canteen had received a lot more pressure than before. That was also why they wanted to introduce new dish to allure students to come back.

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