Smile Challenge occupied the social networks in China

Choose a photo containing your smile. Put the photo of anyone who challenges you on the left and the photo of yourself on the right. Then keep challenging ten other people to spread the smile. From November 27th, an activity called Smile Challenge went viral on the internet. Weibo and Wechat, both the most popular social networks in China, have been bombarded by this and the popularity doesn’t seem to be dyeing out any time soon either. Post 80s and 90s, who are said to be the major attendants, said that people who joined in the activity were merely hoping to connect with each other and spread the happiness to everyone.

Since last weekend, a couple of young users of social networks found that their homepages were occupied by pictures of smiles. “When I refresh my friend circle on my Wechat, all I can see are the photos with smiling people on them.” said Mr Liang, a 23 years old graduate student. The rule of Smile Challenge is quite simple actually. First you need to copy and paste the challenge rules on your post. Then put a picture which has the photo of the challenger on the left and the photo of your smile on the right. Last @ the people you want to challenge on your post and post it out on your social networks. This simple challenge quickly got response from thousands of people on the internet. “I always challenge people who I haven’t seen for a long time. I want to know if there are any changes on them.” A white collar worker in Guangzhou said. She hoped she could find out the recent status of her friends through the activity and was very looking forward to it.

In fact, many social networks users thought this activity with “thanksgiving” feelings was caused by a brief period of enthusiasm and would disappear very soon. Out of expectation, the popularity of the activity has only increased during the start of a cold winter. “The smiles really bring warmth to your heart in the freezing winter.” A user left such a comment under the photos.


On the internet, challenge activity is no longer a new thing. Several months ago, an activity called Ice Bucket Challenge went viral in the USA and soon spread throughout the rest of the world. Even the celebrities have jumped in and posted photos or videos of themselves being poured over ice from a bucket. Huang Guiping, a professor from the communication department in South China University of Technology, said that the reason why this kind of activity has been so popular was because it had satisfied the emotional and social requirements of people. Apart from that, many people love to post their selfies on social networks. Thus when the social networks gave such a platform and invited everyone to go ahead, people were glad to share with others and have fun.

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