Sheep with four horns wandering on the street in Zhengzhou, North Central China

As the year of sheep is near, it seems weird things relating to sheep are beginning to surface as well! Yesterday, in Zhengzhou, a sheep with four horns was leisurely wandering on the street, with a group of onlookers taking photo around it out of curiosity. “What’s wrong with this sheep? Is this a new species?” An onlooker asked with confusion. On top of the strange sheep, there was a normal sheep following behind. Not knowing the temper of the strange sheep, no one from the crowd was willing to approach it. However, the sheep was standing in the middle of the road, affecting the traffic hugely and caused danger to the citizens. Eventually, local authorities arrived and took a lot of efforts to drive the sheep to the roadside.

Meanwhile, an old man called Mr Sun rushed here in a hurry. He said that he came across the four-horn sheep in Inner Mongolia when traveling there in May. “I spent ten thousand yuan to buy it from the herder. Then I bought a normal one as a partner for it. Normally they are kept in a cage. However, today they have sneaked out by accident.” Mr Sun said. He also explained that the eating and living habit of the four-horn sheep was not different from regular sheep!

Mr Zhang, a professor from Animal Husbandry and Veterinary College in Henan Agricultural University, said that from the appearance, the sheep has the characteristics of both sheep and goat, which is probably a genetic variation phenomenon and belongs to the normal range of deformity. Nevertheless, he mentioned that he had never seen this kind of sheep in his daily research before.


Right now, Mr Sun, the owner of the sheep, wants to take it to the zoo and show it to everybody. “I see people are curious about it. And I don’t have much space for the sheep to move in my home. It will be a good idea if it can live in the zoo.”

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