The TOP 9 best cities for living in China

Recently, Minsheng Weekly published the most desirable 9 cities in China. According to the magazine, in order to be desirable to live, the city is required to satisfy three important factors: pleasant weather, beautiful environment and various kinds of delicious foods. On top of that, the city should be able to provide a relaxed and comfortable living condition to  citizens, benefiting their health physically and mentally.

No 1. Qingdao

The city is also renowned for his alternative names “the island of zither” and “the city of island”, with its obvious characteristics of the marine climate and four distinctive seasons. It has been enjoyed by the beautiful scenery, rich tourism resources, natural and human landscape.

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No 2. Haikou

Located in the tropical coast, the city has a variety of tropical resources and rich coastal natural landscape, with long annual sunshine time and annual average temperature of 24.2 degrees. Sunshine, beach and coast are the reason why tourists feel excited for the city.

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No 3. Suzhou

With its ancient name “Gusu”, the city is one of the megalopolises in East China. It enjoys a national reputation as “the earthly paradise”, “the Venice of the east” and “the watertown of the east”. An old Chinese proverb says, "above there is heaven and below are Suzhou and Hangzhou.” Under these many compliments, it is no wonder that Suzhou is one of the most desirable cities in China.

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No 4. Dalian

It is often regarded as one of the happiest cities online. Situated in the temperate regions of northern hemisphere, Dalian has four distinctive seasons as result of warm temperate continental monsoon climate. Because it is cool in summer and warm in winter, people tent to escape from other cities and enjoy the pleasant weather here.

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No 5. Xiamen

Xiamen has a temperate subtropical climate with mild rainy weather and annual average temperature of 21 degrees. Throughout the whole year, Xiamen is rich in various kinds of seafood: lobster, abalone, crab, conch, shellfish etc. Additionally, Xiamen cuisine is a representative of Fujian cuisine which is ranked as one of the top eight cuisines in China, with the special flavor from Taiwan and Chaozhou. It is really a dream land for the food lovers all over the world.

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No. 6 Kunming

Kunming is notable for “the city of spring”, meaning that the weather is very nice, and always warm like the spring season year-round due to being located in low latitude high plateau. Being surrounded by mountains on three sides, the city is also the political, economic, cultural, science and technology, and transportation center. Plus, Shenchi, a beautiful lake, is situated at the south side of the city, bringing amazing view, natural charm to the residents, and adjusts temperature and humidity. Thus, here the air is fresh, the sky is clear, sunny, and flowers are blooming throughout the year.

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No 7. Yangzhou

Located in the fertile lower reaches of Yangtze River, Yangzhou is a beautiful city full of culture and history, with the Grand Canal between Beijing and Hangzhou through the whole city. It has been a place with many outstanding people throughout history. It is well known that Yangzhou people are extremely exquisite about eating as Huaiyang cuisine is ranked as one of the top four cuisines, deemed as the essence of the diet culture in Yangzhou for thousands of years. In 2006, Yangzhou became the No.7 China city which has won the UN Habitat Award. It is mainly because there are a total of 6 natural oxygen bars spreading throughout the city, so that the air quality is very pleasant.

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No 8. Chengdu

The city is famous for its relaxed pace of life, however owns all the elements of a large city. It is the home of the Pandas and attracts many visitors all year round.

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No 9. Zhuhai

Zhuhai has a pleasant climate, with annual average temperature of 22.4 degrees Celsius. This quiet, beautiful city provides a very comfortable life to the residents. Fish woman stone statue, which is located near the famous couple road, is the symbol of the Zhuhai city. With beautiful ecological environment, amazing mountain and sea landscapes, and various phenomenal islands, Zhuhai has become the only city who was selected into "the national top forty tourist resorts" because of the whole city landscape. The dwelling environment is consideredfirst tier in China. As well as it's proximity to Hong Kong and a walk across the bridge to Macau, just 2 hours from Guangzhou in the Pearl river delta. Zhuhai is a wonderful location.


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