Dog balancing act on a China man's head!

Mr Cai, a 41 years old tile shop porter who lives on Kankun street, Cixi city, has become quite popular on the internet. A picture with a dog standing on his head has spread wildly throughout many social networks and has had a lot of feedback.

According to the media, Mr Cai loves adopting little animals. The dog in the picture was rescued on the roadside out of sympathy on a rainy day in February. He came up with the idea of balancing the dog on his head because of his previous job. Before working in a tile shop, he was a porter in a plastic factory. The stairs in the factory were too narrow, he couldn’t carry the goods normally and had to use his head to carry them, gradually leading to mastering the skill of supporting things by his head. After adopting the dog, he brought forth the idea of putting the dog on his head. With the experience of working as a porter in a circus, he had secretly learnt how to train animals and began to train the dog. At the beginning the dog fell off his head many times (without any injuries). After three months of practice, he succeeded in training the dog to walk on two feet, ride a bicycle and even an electric car. He then showed off his unique skill by riding an electric car in the morning with a 50 kilo cement bag on his head and his dog standing still on the very top. His behavior has turned the heads of many people and the photo of him went viral on the internet with millions of views.


Now, Mr Cai and his wife are living in a extremely small rental apartment, hoping that their living conditions can be greatly improved by his striving efforts. He hopes to challenge the Guinness records by his proud supporting skill and even step on the stage of China Dream Show, which is a quite popular talent TV show in China.

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